When does sharing become bragging?

Thanks to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs such as this one, it is so easy to broadcast our lives to the world.  But when does sharing our experiences and achievements run over into downright bragging.

It is no secret that I am not a fan of certain food blogging sites.  You know, the ones who have a passion for fine dining and feel that they have the right to criticise without consequence.  In my view these are merely “Food Braggers”.  Many of them invest time in the whole PR package with Twitter accounts and court the attention of celebrity chefs so they can be on first name terms and casually name drop when out socially with friends.  This is bragging, not sharing – and no one likes a bragger.

Now I don’t do the Twitter thing.  I am well aware of the power of Twitter – someone Tweeted a link to my site and for a week I was getting visitors approaching 750 a day.  I do however have some friends who Tweet.  According to a mutual friend, one of them recently took his wife to an expensive restaurant with rooms (£1k a night – room only) over the festive season and he just had to put it on Twitter.  Kind of sad really – a nice evening away with the wife and he clearly spent time on his phone to brag to anyone who would listen.  Actually the mutual friend only told me about the “Tweet” to relish in the fact that no one had commented.  See – no one likes a bragger.

Elizabeth Bernstein wrote a good article on the subject in the Summer.


2 thoughts on “When does sharing become bragging?

  1. Braggers bring out the worst in me too. Especially the ones who like to name drop. The only people they impress are those that are equally shallow.

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