Five tedious trends in the food industry (in no particular order)

In my view, these are some of the most tedious trends/fashions in the food industry.

  1. Foams/molecular gastronomyNow I really don’t get foams – they look like “cuckoo spit” and sound like a hair product.  In fact, I would go as far to say that I don’t really understand the attraction of molecular gastronomy – it is best left for the physics/chemistry lab.  Having spent years being brainwashed to believe that chemicals (e.g. E numbers) are bad in food, I don’t think that Transglutaminase or emulsifiers really have a place in the kitchen.
  2. Slated meals Just give it to me on a plate please.  I have no idea who started the fashion for serving up the dinner on a roof tile began, but it is no longer original – not even for the cheese course.  Yawn.
  3. Skid Marks
    You know – those artistic trails – usually on the desert plate.  The chocolate based ones look like something that would normally be found in the Armitage Shanks bowl, while the raspberry coulis worryingly look like the after results of a slipped knife and have me looking for the severed finger under the token half strawberry.
  4. Amuse bouche
    Sorry – but they are no longer amusing.  Now, a small appetiser while we are perusing the menu is acceptable, but let’s not go overboard as it does tend to smack of narcissistic chef on a one-upmanship glory trail.  Plus there seems to be an ever increasing desire to serve in (or on) inappropriate receptacles such as porcelain spoons which are really only suitable for sipping noodle soup.
  5. Burger towers
    Now anything that requires me to dislocate my jaw to get food in my mouth is a fail and eating a burger with a knife and fork is wrong.  It seems that in pursuit of the “best burger in town”, restaurants have translated this to mean the tallest and therefore most impractical.  And while I am at it, when did a burger become designer food and horror of horrors – pink in the middle.  I am pretty sure that if you were presented with an undercooked burger at MacDonald’s or Burger King, it would be sent straight back.

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