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Donald Trump – a bit of a cock?

Well firstly apologies. It has been several months since my last posting, mostly due to a long stint working abroad, but that is the nature of the job. The money was very welcome. Plus nothing had really sprung to mind as being worthy of discussion. This may be because I have been estranged from my two most annoying foodie “friends”, or because the great food obsession has finally peaked and the world is finding more interesting subjects to discuss.

Anyway, this article in the Daily Wail caught my eye this week, when the Head Chef at Donald Trump’s Menie Park Lodge in Balmedie, near Aberdeen in Scotland, got the sack after his staff made penis shaped shortbread. Although the Head Chef was not there when the baking took place, he did post a photo on his Facebook account, which was not viewed favorably by his employers. Poor Scott Mcmillan was then sacked.

Seems very over the top to me. Personally I thought it was highly amusing (and possibly appropriate under the subsequent circumstances). Anyway – Good Luck to Mr McMillan in finding another job.

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